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K2 RX Pharmacy Shelving 

The K2 represents the Summit line of high quality, strong and affordable slotted RX Dispensary shelving system to optimize any pharmacy's dispensary area. These panels' unique design offers a high density shelving option to merchandise behind pharmacy bays. Constructed with cold rolled steel, the K2 drug wall system is vertically spaced one inch apart , allowing it for far greater display space than conventional pegboard and slatwall systems.

K2 Double Sided

The Double Sided K2 RX shelving comes in 32" and 48" Widths. The unit is 84" high with an 8" base deck . 

K2 Singe Sided

The K2 single sided  RX shelving unit should be mounted on a wall to maximize your dispensing space. They come in 32" wide or 48" wide panels. The unit is 84" high with an 8" base deck . 

K2 End Cap

The K2 End Cap is 18" wide and fits on the side of a double. These 84"High End Caps are a great addition at the end of a run.


Pick and choose as many shelves as required for your K2. Dispensary Unit. Standard stock color - white. Widths Available : 15½", 22", 32", 48" Depth: 7½"

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